Welcome to Past Generations

Past generations of our forebears can move us to tears, bemuse, anger or inspire us. They will not leave us unmoved. You may have already embarked on your own voyage of discovery into your family origins, so you don’t need anyone to tell you what mysteries and surprises it can open up. If you are just starting out you have a real treat in store.

Whether you want a family tree, a family or house history or specific details about an individual’s life, I can bring your ancestors and the period of history through which they lived to vibrant life.

You only have to look at the testimonials of many satisfied clients to see that you will not be disappointed.

“Wow! I’m almost lost for words…. I am thrilled with the stuff you found out. Thank you so much for your tenacity – it certainly paid off. I never dreamt we would actually find my grandfather.”

Andrea Levy – Booker Prize nominated author of “Small Island” and “The Long Song”

Madeleine Dickens is a Member of The Association
of Genealogists and Researchers in Archives