I am a professionally-qualified genealogist with more than 15 years’ experience of carrying out research. I have the Diploma in Genealogy and the Higher Certificate in Genealogical and Heraldic Studies (with distinction) from one of the foremost nationally-accredited organisations – the IHGS (Institute of Heraldic and Genealogical Studies). I have an honours degree in French and have lived in both France and Germany. I am a member of the professional Association of Genealogists and Researchers in Archives (AGRA).

Madeleine Dickens genealogistMy home is in East Sussex and I have easy access to record offices and archives in West Sussex and record offices, archives and libraries in London.

If the need for research in other parts of the United Kingdom emerges, I may be able to undertake it myself, or it may be more cost-effective to use a trusted genealogist in the area.

As well as my expertise in UK-based research…..

  • With my knowledge of French and German I have carried out commissions for clients in France, Germany and Switzerland, and developed good links with genealogists in those countries.
  • A Polish researcher based in the UK, who specialises in researching records in various Eastern European countries works closely with me.

I have also…

  • assisted clients to research ancestors in other countries, such as Jamaica,  South Africa and Egypt.
  • completed commissions for families with Jewish ancestry (both Sephardi and Ashkenazi), as well as those with Huguenot roots.
  • worked with Australian clients to trace their ancestral origins in various European countries.

Whatever your research requirements contact me to schedule a free consultation. I look forward to hearing from you.