I just thought I would update you with our visit to the D’s. We took my dad to High Wycombe yesterday and had an amazing time. They proved to be such lovely people and we all got on really well. The conversation flowed between all of us and there was no awkwardness at all. It is strange going to someone’s home that you don’t know and I was a little anxious that it would go well. I shouldn’t have worried. We had some really lovely food. Dad and K had a lovely chat and many photographs and memories were produced. K was able to give dad some aerial shots of the docks where dad used to work which was lovely.
This was all thanks to you Madeleine. Thank you again
Bradley – family tree and two first cousins reunited who did not know of each others’ existence

It was an extremely fortunate day when someone suggested I contact Madeleine Dickens of Past Generations… I am a book publisher and wanted to find a collection of ‘lost’ watercolours that had originally been exhibited in London in the 1930s. All the buyers had passed away, so who better to help in this quest than a genealogist. The results were remarkable. Madeleine was a pleasure to work with and her detective skills were second to none. Highly recommended and I cannot wait to work with her again on our next project!
Tim Mainstone (Mainstone Press)

“I am so very grateful for what you have done and really appreciate your attention to detail. You are a Godsend. I would like to thank you so much for your incredible work on my behalf this year and what you have achieved for all of us, in uniting four siblings together, after all these years.”
Sands – Sussex family tree and history (also traced previously never met half brother and sister)

A year ago today my family gathered in my sitting room to celebrate my eightieth birthday and gave me the most  poignant gift I think I have ever received – your beautifully presented biography of my grandmother. What a stunning work of history you produced, Madeleine, from the relatively scanty facts with which you had to work! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. It is just overall a lovely book which has been produced with taste and loving care. You really entered into Kate Kenny’s life and times. Whitbread – family history in Lancashire, Yorkshire and Ireland


I’ll add an acknowledgement to you with other acknowledgements at the end of the essay. You’ve done a great service to Charles Dickens!   Chandler musical history researcher and writer

How could they confuse the names, if the one they have passed over to you has so much variation, why did they not spot it? Maybe as they have listed it wrongly they might have another trawl under the correct category. I was assured by, I forget whom, that the French military records are first class. Tell them that, that should prompt some action!
Coombes – research into French ancestry and military records
I found (the research into my Polish family and ancestors) to be a most incredible journey. I feel I’ve gained something amazing.
Krajewski – research into US and Polish ancestry


Thank you for your wonderful conscientientious work with the Parode family tree, so much appreciated by us.      Stafford – research into Spanish ancestry in Hampshire

This is absolutely fantastic. I’ve also shared it with M who is delighted with what you’ve done so far and we’d absolutely like you to continue with some of the suggestions.       McLernon – researching UK and French roots of her Australian partner

Wow!!! What a lot of information! Amazing! Just like my parents! Side by side. always!  :-)  Newmark – research into East End Jewish ancestry

“I’ve now printed off your report and had time to digest some of the contents. Great job and what an interesting story you were able to tell from my ancestor’s records.”
Hammond – Australian client researching records in Sussex and London

Thank you very much for your efforts at Kew. John continues to be an elusive character. The entry you found for John on the prison hulk confirms his conviction at Wakefield and gives an interesting insight on his immediate whereabouts before transportation.
Hinchliffe – research into transportation records
“I’m more than pleased with your research and I can now say we’ve given it our best shot! Thanks for all your hard work and intelligence.”
Perrins – research in London and Liverpool

“To my favourite mother-in-law (the client). Thank you for a truly remarkable gift.
Bush – house history for daughter’s wedding present

“You always provide reports with lots of background information which makes interesting reading.”
Hammond – Australian client researching Sussex records

“A huge thank you for all your hard work. Thank you for helping me to keep costs down.”
Piper – research into Ashkenazi family history

“I am extremely pleased with the outcome of the research. You gave me so much and at a cost I expected for much less work. Everything was done most professionally. You have displayed a detailed knowledge of social history that has enabled you to flesh out the report with photographs, sketches and wills. How did you find them all? Thank you so much.”
Taylor – research in N Yorks

“My mother had spoken so much in years gone by about her Swiss father. The day I saw your advert in the ‘Preston Pages’ (…) and the fact you spoke French and German, was a turning point and at last I could find out more about my mother’s Swiss family. I never dreamt we would get back so far (…16th century). You also got me in touch with a distant cousin whom I had never met but soon will do thanks to you. I now have my mother’s family tree in all its glory and friends and family are really amazed when they see it. Thank you so much.”
Shaw – research in Essex and Switzerland

“There is no such thing as a time machine but you have been the next best thing. Long forgotten people whose struggle determined our lives today are now remembered with the affection and respect they so justly deserve, a journey my family could not have taken without your tactful help and expert advice – thank you so much.”
Selby – with ancestors in Tower Hamlets and Buckinghamshire

“It seemed an impossible task to find my birth mother, and one that I had put off for so long that I feared she would no longer be alive. However, armed with very little information, you embarked upon this task with great enthusiasm. You left no stone unturned. I would never have achieved this without your help and am eternally grateful to you. I cannot recommend you too highly!”
Pye – from Derbyshire

“Thanks so much for the research into my Victorian home. The results were fascinating and sometimes surprising. Of particular interest to me was that this house has been owned and lived in by other single (or widowed) independent women. I now have a piece of history to be treasured and handed down to future generations.”

“I have been impressed with your professionalism, resourcefulness and determination and you have handled my family material with great sensitivity and care.” 
Marks – research in the East End and Germany